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Sempre più comuni Rifiuti Free nel 2020

Sono 598 i Comuni Rifiuti Free. Nord-Est sempre in testa alla classifica, con Veneto e Trentino Alto Adige tra le regioni più virtuose, grazie a porta a porta e tariffazione puntuale. Nel 2020 cresce il Sud, mentre il Centro resta immobile.

Solo Pordenone, Trento, Treviso e Belluno i capoluoghi Rifiuti Free.

Secondo gli ultimi dati ISPRA disponibili (2018), nel complesso in Italia la produzione dei rifiuti rimane ancora alta, con 499,7 kg/ab/anno,e sela raccolta differenziata intercetta, mediamente a livello nazionale,oltre la metà dei rifiuti prodotti conil 58,1%,si registra ancora un forte divario tra Nord (67,7%), Sud (46,1%) e CentroItalia (54,1%).

Comune ricicloni

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The environment in which a company operates is constantly changing and the competition it is faced with is becoming even tougher. In order to maintain their competitive advantage, companies decide to proceed with significant investments upgrading their IT infrastructure. However, while this strategy is a step in the right direction, if not carried out correctly, it can cause problems to the smooth operation of the business. Moreover, as it quite often has been recorded in IT services segment, major projects derogate from the initial timetable casing a negative impact on the budget, return on investment and, in general, on the entire success of the project.

Enabling your digital potential

By integrating your entire application stack, from infrastructure and operations to ongoing maintenance and new development and innovation, EVRY frees up your resources and increases your potential for improvement, modernisation, and innovation.

As a service and cloud integrator, EVRY integrates and consolidates your applications into an efficient solution – perfectly tailored to both your existing and future needs.

Businesses today face many challenges. The need to keep on growing. The requirement to increase efficiency. The demand to operate sustainably. And there’s extraordinary pressure on IT to deliver the necessary solutions. These solutions represent a significant investment for any business and it’s vital that they perform effectively, reliably, always. Here’s where EVRY Test Management can provide a measure of certainty through a rigorous program of quality assurance, testing and validation. Good to know.

Enterprise Performance Management

The need for strategic management of information circulating within an organization has become more intense than ever. Nevertheless, business managers are often required to take important decisions without having the desirable visibility throughout the entire enterprise.

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